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Compression Strength Tester  BCT

Container Compression Tester is an efficient and easy to use equipment intended for measuring the ability of Corrugated or Solid fiber shipping containers to resist external compressive forces. This method describes how to determine the resistance of a fiberboard shipping container to compressive forces. This is accomplished by placing the container between two flat platens, one of which is mechanically driven to compress the box. A recording device is incorporated to indicate the force and deformation (deflection) required to compress the container.


The compressive forces are related to some of those exerted on containers in stack or encountered in transportation. The method is used to compare the compressive resistance of different lots of similar boxes or to compare boxes of different grades. It may also be used to compare the compression characteristics of boxes differing in design or construction. In addition the information gained may be used to provide an indication of the load that a particular container may be able to withstand in service.

Standard Compliance:

Conforming to National and International Standard.
TAPPI T 804 om-02, ISO 12048, FCBM 14:96
ASTM E-4, D 4577 - 94, D 642-98
IS 7028 (Part VI) 1973, 7028 (Part IX) 1975
FEFCO TM 50 1997, DIN 51221 Class 1
BS 1610:1985 Grade 0.5