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Torque Tester  TRT

The cap torque tester accurately measures twist-on force. The torque Tester is an ideal tester for bottlers, food and beverage companies, and others who meed to measure closure torque. The tester features solid aluminum housing and rugged construction for many years of service in laboratory or production environments. Adjustable parts effectively grip a broad range of container shapes and sizes, while a set of optional jaws are available in an alternative gripping method. The bottle torque captures peak torque in clock wise direction for application and removal measurements.


On Automatic Production line involving Auto - Capping Operation, This equipment will help to set the machine for the right Closing and Subsequent Torque. This will also help in designing the Thread Profile of Plastic Caps for Plastic bottles as well as for Glass Bottles. The opening Torque for clusters is a prime requirement from the User’s point of view.