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Top Load Tester  TLT

Bottle Compression Tester is an efficient and easy to use equipment intended for measuring the ability of bottle to resist external compressive forces. This method describes how to determine the resistance of a bottle to compressive forces. This is accomplished by placing the bottle between two flat platens, one of which is mechanically driven to compress the bottle. A recording device is incorporated to indicate the force required to compress the bottle. The compressive forces are related to some of those exerted on bottles in stack or encountered in transportation. The method is used to compare the compressive resistance of different lots of similar bottles or to compare bottles of different grades. In addition the information gained may be used to provide an indication of the load that a particular bottle may be able to withstand in service.


Compression strength, the maximum force per unit width developed in a test specimen at rupture or break under prescribed conditions. A crush test detects poor adhesive penetration, spotty adhesion and carton board with low bond strength. Sturdy design of the instrument ensures that the parallelism of the plates is maintained for accurate results.

Standard Compliance:

ASTM D 2659
DIN 55440-1:99