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Puncture Resistance Tester  PRT

Packaging materials like board, boxes etc are subjected to handeling hazards and damage in use, similar to that occuring in this test, may result from contact with solid objects, such as the end of a piece of lumber or the cornor of a important parameter that determines the performance of such a material.


Why this test? The puncture test (also known as the bech test of G.E. puncture test) measures the resistance of board in either single sheets (that is components) or in combined form to puncture. Such puncture may result from contact with solid objects such as a corner of a box, or the like. The test evaluates in a composite values, although it is not possible too isolate the two specifically.

Standard Compliance:

TAPPI T-803 om-88
IS 4006 (part II) 1972, IS 2771 (part II) 1973
ASTM D-781-68
DIN 53142