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Coefficient of Friction  COF

Coefficient of Friction Testing is extensively used in the packaging industry to measure the "slippyness" of a produck, with the aim of predicting feeding and running speed on an automatic gluing, erecting, filling or packaging line. This extremely easy to use instrument has been manufactured to determine the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting, paper and other sheeted material. The Coefficient of Friction Tester can measure Static COF from a resting position and continue to move testing surface in a relative motion to give an accurate kinetic cof RESULT. this COF Tester cmploys a stationary sled with a moving plane. The tes head automatically returns to the start position after testing is complete.


Coefficient of Friction (COF) is the maximum value of the frictional force divided by the normal force. The dimensionless value of the COF is the ratio of the force required to slide the surface to the force perpendicular to the surface. A low COF indicates that the surfaces are smoother, e.g. less resistant to a sliding motion. Polymers used for film production are usually tested dry against a sled with a calibrated load.

Standard Compliance:

ASTM D1894-08