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Bursting Strength Tester  BST

Bursting Strength is a widely used measure of resistance to rupture of various materials. A test specimen is held between two circular clamps and subjected to an increasing pressure from a rubber diaphragm. The rubber diaphragm is expanded by a controlled hydraulic pressure until the test specimen ruptures. The Bursting Strength of the specimen is the pressure reading at the time of rupture.


The Bursting Strength Test of paper, paperboard, including liner board and corrugated board, is a composite measure of certain properties of the sheet structure, principally tensile strength and elongation. In general, bursting strength is dependent on the type, proportion, preparation and amount of the fibre present in the sheet and their formation, internal sizing, and to some degree, the surface treatment. While bursting strength is an empirical property, this test, in combination with basis weight, serves to define “standard grades” in commerce.

Standard Compliance:

TAPPI T- 804 cm-02,
BS 1610 :1985 Grade 0.5,
DIN 51221 class 1,
ASTM E-4, D 4577 – 94/D 642 – 98
ISO 12048
IS 7028 (Part VI) 1973, 7028 (Part IX) 1975
FEFCO TM 50 1997
IS : 1060 ( Part 1)-1966, 1397-1967, 13228-1991
FCBM : 3:90
All Models operate on Single phase, 230 V AC, 50 Hz power supply.
All Models can be supplied with non standard capacity of 0-14, 0-21, 0-52 & 0-70 kg/cm2 on request.
Linux offers a range of Bursting Strength Testers, each innovatively designed to meet specific requirements of testing.