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Micro Print Double Head Model
Recommended for:
  • A group of 12 tests can be performed for report
  • Adjustable clamping pressure (Pneumatic air to be provided by you)
  • Auto Calibration in 5 simple steps
  • Dual head for paper & board testing
  • Overload protection (Preset)
  • Programmable User Name, Product Name, Vender / Customer Name, Codes, Lot No., Date & Time etc.
  • Report can be directly printed from the dot matrix printer connected to the machine (the printer to be provided by you)
  • Switch from one gauge to another by a simple switch
  • System BF calculation for Paper
  • 1 No. C spanner
  • 250ml topping up fluid
  • 4 No. spare diaphragms
  • 07 ED (Paper) with capacity 0-7 kg/cm2
  • 35 ED (Board) with capacity 0-35 kg/cm2